Papers accepted at LChange'19

GASC: Genre-Aware Semantic Change for Ancient Greek
Authors: Valerio Perrone, Marco Palma, Simon Hengchen, Alessandro Vatri, Jim Q. Smith and Barbara McGillivray

Contextualized Diachronic Word Representations
Authors: Ganesh Jawahar and Djamé Seddah

Modeling Markedness with a Split-and-Merger Model of Sound Change
Authors: Andrea Ceolin and Ollie Sayeed

Visualizing Linguistic Change as Dimension Interactions
Authors: Christin Schätzle, Frederik L. Dennig, Michael Blumenschein, Daniel A. Keim and Miriam Butt

A Method to Automatically Identify Diachronic Variation in Collocations.
Authors: Marcos Garcia and Marcos García Salido

Written on Leaves or in Stones?: Computational Evidence for the Era of Authorship of Old Thai Prose
Authors: Attapol Rutherford and Santhawat Thanyawong

Identifying Temporal Trends Based on Perplexity and Clustering: Are We Looking at Language Change?
Authors: Sidsel Boldsen, Manex Agirrezabal and Patrizia Paggio

Using Word Embeddings to Examine Gender Bias in Dutch Newspapers, 1950-1990
Authors: Melvin Wevers

Ab Antiquo: Proto-language Reconstruction with RNNs
Authors: Carlo Meloni, Shauli Ravfogel and Yoav Goldberg

Predicting Historical Phonetic Features using Deep Neural Networks: A Case Study of the Phonetic System of Proto-Indo-European
Authors: Frederik Hartmann

ParHistVis: Visualization of Parallel Multilingual Historical Data
Authors: Aikaterini-Lida Kalouli, Rebecca Kehlbeck, Rita Sevastjanova, Katharina Kaiser, Georg A. Kaiser and Miriam Butt

Tracing Antisemitic Language Through Diachronic Embedding Projections: France 1789-1914
Authors: Rocco Tripodi, Massimo Warglien, Simon Levis Sullam and Deborah Paci

DiaHClust: an Iterative Hierarchical Clustering Approach for Identifying Stages in Language Change
Authors: Christin Schätzle and Hannah Booth

Treat the Word As a Whole or Look Inside? Subword Embeddings Model Language Change and Typology
Authors: Yang Xu, Jiasheng Zhang and David Reitter

Times Are Changing: Investigating the Pace of Language Change in Diachronic Word Embeddings
Authors: Stephanie Brandl and David Lassner

The Rationality of Semantic Change
Authors: Omer Korat

Studying Semantic Chain Shifts with Word2Vec: FOOD>MEAT>FLESH
Authors: Richard Zimmermann

Studying Laws of Semantic Divergence across Languages using Cognate Sets
Authors: Ana Uban, Alina Maria Ciobanu and Liviu P. Dinu

Detecting Syntactic Change Using a Neural Part-of-Speech Tagger
Authors: William Merrill, Gigi Stark and Robert Frank

From Insanely Jealous to Insanely Delicious: Computational Models for the Semantic Bleaching of English Intensifiers
Authors: Yiwei Luo, Dan Jurafsky and Beth Levin

Grammar and Meaning: Analysing the Topology of Diachronic Word Embeddings
Authors: Yuri Bizzoni, Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb, Katrin Menzel, Pauline Krielke and Elke Teich

Spatio-Temporal Prediction of Dialectal Variant Usage
Authors: Péter Jeszenszky, Panote Siriaraya, Philipp Stoeckle and Adam Jatowt

Computational Analysis of the Historical Changes in Poetry and Prose
Authors: Amitha Gopidi and Aniket Alam

One-to-X Analogical Reasoning on Word Embeddings: a Case for Diachronic Armed Conflict Prediction from News Texts
Authors: Andrey Kutuzov, Erik Velldal and Lilja Øvrelid

Modeling a Historical Variety of a Low-Resource Language: Language Contact Effects in the Verbal Cluster of Early-Modern Frisian
Authors: Jelke Bloem, Arjen Versloot and Fred Weerman

Measuring Diachronic Evolution of Evaluative Adjectives with Word Embeddings: the Case for English, Norwegian, and Russian
Authors: Julia Rodina, Daria Bakshandaeva, Vadim Fomin, Andrey Kutuzov, Samia Touileb and Erik Velldal

Semantic Change in the Language of UK Parliamentary Debates
Authors: Gavin Abercrombie and Riza Batista-Navarro

Semantic Change and Emerging Tropes In a Large Corpus of New High German Poetry
Authors: Thomas Haider and Steffen Eger

Evaluation of Semantic Change of Harm-Related Concepts in Psychology
Authors: Ekaterina Vylomova, Sean Murphy and Nicholas Haslam

Conceptual Change and Distributional Semantic Models: an Exploratory Study on Pitfalls and Possibilities
Authors: Pia Sommerauer and Antske Fokkens

Measuring the Compositionality of Noun-Noun Compounds over Time
Authors: Prajit Dhar, Janis Pagel and Lonneke van der Plas

Towards Automatic Variant Analysis of Ancient Devotional Texts
Authors: Amir Hazem, Béatrice Daille, Dominique Stutzmann, Jacob Currie and Christine Jacquin

Understanding the Evolution of Circular Economy through Language Change
Authors: Sampriti Mahanty, Frank Boons, Julia Handl and Riza Theresa Batista-Navarro

Gaussian Process Models of Sound Change in Indo-Aryan Dialectology
Authors: Chundra Cathcart