Lexical Replacement

Turing workshop on automatic methods for lexical semantic change

In this workshop, we wish to foster discussions between Natural Language Processing researchers, (digital) humanists, and historical linguists on this rapidly evolving research area.

1st International Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change 2019

In this workshop, we will bring together the world's pioneers and experts in computational approaches to historical language change with the focus on digital text corpora. In doing so, this workshop carries the triple goals of disseminating the …

Workshop on Lexical Semantic Change

In this workshop, which takes place in the context of the DH research seminar series at the University of Helsinki, we wish to foster discussions on lexical semantic change, between NLP researchers, (digital) historians, and historical linguists. In …

Wp3: Lexical Replacement

Computational detection of lexical replacements from diachronic texts.